Monday, 9 April 2012

Club Night 6th April

After reading a review over at Anatoli's Blog for the new multi-period skirmish rules Brink of Battle, I purchased them, and with the 54mm figures given to me by Mike, Luke and I gave them a run through. They are very simple in concept, everything is opposed D10 roll with added stat, but there is some nice subtlety in the way they actually play. I took some 2nd New Hampshire continentals and Luke took a force of Erbprinz Fusiliers.
We played three scenarios with our little forces playing each scenario in the rulebook once and used the campaign rules to link our games together and add a bit of fun. The game played really well and was great fun. We quickly had the rules memorised and could concentrate on playing the game which I always think is really important. It was pretty much even by the end of the evening with the Fusiliers just edging it with 2 wins.

Both sides had taken some casualties and this is something I am a bit concerned about as once a soldier gets a hit but is not wounded (the rules call this stunned), he loses cover bonus and is really easy to hit a second time and take out of the game. However I should quantify this by saying we marked the figures rather than lying them down. Also I think we were light on terrain. Luke also found a nasty combo that I am sharing so you can use and lose friends quickly! He had a marksman at +3 (the maximum bonus) and high combat and an officer with inspiring presence. This meant he could fire with a big plus to his dice, and then use his inspiring presence to reactivate the marksman and fire him again. Nasty!

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