Saturday, 1 October 2011

Club Night 30th September

Having played Hail Caesar at Colours I was keen to play to play them again at the club. We had a member unable to play at the last minute so we changed it to a Roman Civil war game as we could get plenty of Romans at short notice.

The rules played so well and quickly we actually managed two games. In the first the enemy deployed all their infantry on one side and their cavalry on the other. Our cavalry promptly engaged theirs in a mutually destructive and very brief melee. All that was left was our light cavalry. This covered our flank as we advanced and moved to encircle the enemy. With their infantry pinned in and surrounded on one flank they admitted defeat and we stared our second game.

This time the enemy deployed in a more concentrated position, but again refused to advance on us, forcing us to advance and attack their infantry behind a stream. We made good progress before eventually being pushed back. Meanwhile under a new commander, their cavalry moved round our flank and defeated our own cavalry and begun to roll up our flank and threaten our legionaries rears so this time we were defeated.

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