Monday, 24 October 2011

SELWG, 16th October

SELWG has come and gone. I always enjoy this show, if nothing else since it was the first one that Luke and I went to over 15 years ago and it is good for a bit of nostalgia!

There seemed to be less game and more traders, which is good for shopping, but not so great for inspiration, which again I found sorely lacking. Again there was nothing that really grabbed my imagination, which is not to say there were not some good looking games, they just retrod the same old themes again, albeit very well.

There was one exception, I got a chance top play the new Hammerin' Iron rules from Peter Pig and will definitely be investing in them and some ships at Reading next month. I did some shopping, but it was not very exciting! Figure case galore! All from the excellent kaiser Rushforth range, I got case for my Helldorado, Malifaux, Blood Angels and nice little bag for my Dystopian wars. One of those not exciting but essential purchases, like paints and brushes.

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