Monday, 24 October 2011

Club Night 21st October

Duncan and I finally got together to play some games of Malifaux, even if I had not managed to paint my stuff yet. It was very much a learning experience and the games were not especially quick and strewn with errors, but the second game we played was for me the highlight as I got some good tactics worked out and everything went quite well.

I managed to use Candy and her run away home ability to grab the objective and leg it and I also used the Dreamer for the first time, and although I will need to refine him a bit, found him easier to use than Pandora and very enjoyable. Using his I can fly ability to rush across the battlefield and then summon a teddy and Lord Chompy Bits straight into combat is some awesome alpha strike ability and makes the force feel very manoeuvrable which always suits my style of play.

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