Sunday, 9 October 2011

Club Night 7th October

Rick and I took an early war Compaignia Carri against Luke and Steve with a Jock Column defending in a fighting withdrawal. With all the fearless veteran RHA we knew it would be tough, and our 8 million bayonet rolls did not help us. We decided on a flank attack with the motociclisti troops attacking towards one objective, with the armour in the centre free to support or attack to another objective as the game played out.
The flanking troops hurried forward with tankette support and managed to destroy the universal carriers sent out to meet them which prevented their reconnaissance move. In the centre the armour force advanced on mass.
As the flank attack pushed forward we unfortunately lost our coastal artillery trying to move it into a less exposed position. Despite coming under artillery fire the Bersaglieri pushed on with their own artillery providing support. But now I failed possibly a key roll as I failed the motivation to perform an avanti move and dismount to enable me to assault the pinned down defenders.
With this failure and the appearance of the RHA 2 pounders in the centre we were on the back foot and beginning to take unsustainable casualties and eventually our company broke before we could threaten the British withdrawal.

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