Thursday, 30 September 2010

Desert Scenery

I have been painting some terrain pieces for Africa and am really pleased how they have come up. There are some building I think bought off the guys at SHQ.

The piles of rocks are from Peter Pig for their Patrols in the Sudan range, they are designed to be the edge of depressions and make brilliant positions for hull down tanks.

The fieldworks are from Ironclad miniatures, they are nice as they are desert style with rocks around the top rather than the usual sandbags. However there said they are going to remaster them and I can't find them in their current on-line list. I hope this is not the case as I would love to get some more.

A side note, the box they are on is a carry case from Kaiser Rushforth. Brilliant pieces of kit I first encountered for my Warhammer. I got this one direct from their website, free postage and they now do cases that fit FoW perfectly and so carry my Italians perfectly.

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  1. Nicely painted. I particularly liked the Israeli Centurion that you use as a 'header'.