Monday, 6 September 2010

Club Sunday 5th September

The September Sunday meet saw just the one game, much like days of old! It was a good old Fire and Fury, with Steve H having written a scenario for the crater at Petersburg.

I took command of the centre division reeling from the explosion. I attempted to move into the crater to secure my lines but Yankee artillery and the confusion from the explosion had disordered my troops and it was not as organised as I would like. I finally had to attach my Divisional General to one brigade to lead it forward personally, where both he, and the exceptional brigade command where hit and killed by musketry. Not an auspicious start!

On my left (commanded by Steve K) and my right (commanded by Scott) far larger forces of Yankees poured forward with worrying speed and our poor musketry and lack of artillery was telling as they began to drive into our trenches. Meanwhile I was just about holding against the attack to the front of me, but as the Union had increasing success on either flank I was beginning to look exposed.

By the end of the game the Union had made it as far as our second line on both flanks despite the arrival of two reserve divisions and numbers were beginning to tell even more now we had lost out defences. I think in honesty the battle of the crater was a Northern victory despite the best efforts of the Rebs.

Despite how won sided this sounds it was actually much closer. The Union had to push hard to break through and did take losses, but ultimately we could not cause enough casualties with out fire power (lousy dice rolls all round) to thin them down enough and once they started throwing themselves at our trenches numbers began to tell. It was an excellent and enjoyable scenario and really fun to play a big multi player game again as we haven't done one of these for a while.

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