Monday, 4 October 2010

Club Night 1st October

As Steve K was let down at the last minute we decided to do a quick and simple naval. Now I always really enjoy these, but am poor at writing orders and forget about the wind so usually do really badly, so my aim was to just not do too badly rather than victory!

I took a pair of French frigates while Steve took a pair of British frigates. I had a lucky start with the wind behind me so could easily sail in line of battle towards the British. As I closed to them I thought I was going to get the edge, and then they rapidly came about and it turned out no one had judged it right as chaos ensued.

My lead ship engaged the lead British from close range damaging it and destroying the wheel. This gave me an opportunity to out manoeuvre it which I attempted but was not successful. Meanwhile the rear ship engaged the rear British frigate and crashed a volley into its rigging causing serious damage that slowed it down.

By now my lead ship had passed the British and come around and was returning for another series of broadsides. With the second British frigate limping I closed from both sides of the first and attempted to board. Here the quality of the British crew begun to tell as I struggled to grapple, and when I finally did was repelled by the Royal Navy crew.

This caused my frigate to strike its colours, shortly followed by second frigate at almost the same time as the battered British frigate struck its. This gave victory to the British as they had a frigate still operating under colours.

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