Monday, 27 September 2010

Club Night 24th September

At Colours Luke bought a set of modern rules called Ambush Alley. They have been about for a while and had good reviews and we have looked at them a few times, and so Luke bit the bullet and bought them as he really wanted to have a go with them. We dusted off the terrain from last years show game and swapped the US Marines for Israeli paras and tried to see how it worked.

On the night I was joined by Duncan and Luke was joined by new club member Luke. This wasn't going to get confusing! The first mission was for me and Duncan to rescue some contractors, clearly Israeli intelligence from a horde of angry Palestinians.

After a slow start as we tried to work everything out it ran really quickly. Duncan and I split our fire teams up and got mowed done in detail! Small units under a lot of fire-power are doomed. We quickly took too many casualties to complete our mission.

The second game saw us joined by Luke (the new one, not the old one!) and take 3 fire teams on a sweep and clear mission. Some atrocious luck and the inability to hit a horde of PLO standing in the open meant we again found ourselves on the back foot. however the fog of war saw fit to send us a sniper team and this seemed to be our saviour as the quality of this team was superb and managed to balance out the range advantage we had lost by the dust storm blowing across the table. Despite heavy casualties again the Israelis managed to achieve victory, but at a great cost.

These are really easy to pick up and play and have some clever ideas in, but I still have a concern about the firing mechanisms. Each firing figure gets a dice with bonuses for range and weapons, well the target unit gets a dice a figure then bonuses for concealment and cover. The actual type of dice rolled depends on the quality of the men. As such although insurgents generally have low dice, as bigger mobs they get more of them and it seems to make their fire more effective and them harder to put down. Now we may have been doing something wrong, or our dice were not that good, but it felt wrong. Not enough to stop me giving the rules another play, but enough I have some concerns.

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