Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Colours 2010

On Saturday 11th we headed up to Colour at Newbury racecourse with our Tanneburg game. After a long journey thanks to accidents on the M25 we finally arrived and got set up. We all seemed to be a little sleeps as the first few turns went quite slowly. As lunch approached we took turns in heading off to grab a bite to eat and look around.

I'm not sure if I am becoming jaded, but increasingly nothing is really taking my breath away, both in terms of trade and games. Don't get me wrong, all the games were good, but nothing sensational. Even the big Napoleonic in 25mm was a bit normal! I think the problem is the quality of game, both terrain and figures, has risen so high that what 5 years ago was amazing is common now and it is difficult to see how anyone can raise the bar the next step. The one game that did stand out for me was a 6mm Sci-Fi primarily using old GW epic, but extras from all over the place. A force of Orks were landing in typically ramshackle landing crafts against what must have been about 20 foot of coastline and city defended by the usual good guys, being reinforced by landers made from Terminator Salvation drones. It was just a bit different and had lots to draw your attention.

Shopping wise I was equally uninspired. Lots of nice products, but nothing stood out. No bizarre period I had not seen before and all the new release of the same high quality production and presentation. I picked up some 1/300th crew from Rod Langton to go with my AWI ships from the War Artisan once I get round to making them. Luke got a new board game and the Ambush alley rules we have looked at a few times at recent shows. I am yet to be convinced, but Luke liked the look of them so I will report back once we have given them a go.

Suitably reinvigorated we returned to the game with the Teutons making going progress against Lithuanian, but taking casualties in the process. Meanwhile the Poles were attacking the Teuton infantry but making remarkably hard work of it, before 1 unit of foot sergeants counter attacked and dispersed the battered remains of two units of knights, before getting ridden down themselves. In the end this was too much for the Polish alliance. Despite one of the Teuton commands breaking the Lithuanian army was collapsing with Duke Vytautas dead and one of the Polish command in disarray the Germanic forces were triumphant again. It is really making me wonder how the Poles actually one this one!

Colours is still a good show, and I really like the airy feel the glass walls of the grandstand give. Was also nice, as ever, to catch up with some old friends. Hello Robin!!

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