Tuesday, 26 May 2009

First Post

Welcome to my Blog!

I have spent this evening going through my new figures from Fighting 15s. From Oddzial Osmy, a Polish company, they are Teutons, Poles and Lithuanians for next years club show game. I already have the command pack for the Poles so knew what to expect. Brittle metal, separate weapons and horrible horses. So why on earth did I buy them then? Because I have yet to find another range of figures that really represent the eastern European look of these figures, especially for command.

The next thing to do is to order some Essex horses to remount them on. Works with a little filing around the saddle where no one notices. Once I sort a camera I'll try and post some pics.

After that I added the new Empire and LoTR to the MM website. I look forward to seeing what is on the sprue for the Greatswords as I have foot Reiksguard in my army, but some well armoured bodies plus some knights heads would be a godsend rather than trawling ebay for the next rank for my unit.

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  1. Good stuff Leigh. A couple of corrections/additions - physical age may be nearly 30 but mental more like half that... And a camera - surely you can borrow your girlfriend's... oh,, no, of course not, you left it in America!

    Love you really