Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Drop Pods Part 1

Having placed my order for the Essex horse for the Oddzial Osmy figures I could do nothing more to them, so I returned to an ongoing project.
The Sons of Sanguinius

These are my Blood Angels successor chapter that started out as a 1,500 point force and are now a full company plus extras. And not one is painted yet! The main ongoing job at the moment is scratch building a pair of drop pods for my dreadnoughts. Based on the templates from the old French GW site they are foam core and plasticard with all sorts of kits bits for details. One is on to the detailing stage and the other has just had the major parts assembled so will be ready for detailing next. Hopefully they wil look the business when painted.

The whole company is a very assault orientated force, entirely capable of deep striking.
Commander and Honour Guard with jump packs
Chaplain and Death Company with jump packs
Librarian in Terminator armour with Terminator escort (Teleport Deep Strike)
Veteran squad with jump packs
4 Tactical squads in Drop pods
4 Assault squads with jump packs
2 Devastator squads with Drop pods
2 Dreadnoughts with Drop pods
2 Land speeders (these use to be able to deep strike, so in my apocalypse game they still will be able to)
Scout squad - infiltrates in to recon the drop zone, not technically deep strike I know but close!

Other than 5 plastic drop pods (and the ongoing dreadnought drop pods) I have the entire force assembled, and awaiting painting. I plan to prime them with red paint, foundation paint the details, add some slight highlights and then use army painter and see how it goes. Just need to get round to doing it!

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