Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Crawley Wargmes Club Legendary Battles

Yesterday saw the forces of the Empire defending the walls of the town of Grunberg from forces of Skavern, Daemons and Vampire Counts. Outnumbered 3 to 2 Steve and I had a tough job ahead of us, especially as the half the army under my command would not arrive till turn 2.

When my force of Empire Knights and Kislev lancers did arrive, I discovered the town's defenders advanced deployment had worked well and pinned the enemy back on the first table well away from the town walls. I proceeded to ride into any unit in charge range and do my best to die valiantly.

8 turns later saw the end of the game and the forces of evil taking the game 93 points to 83 (each of 5 objectives scored points each turn you held it equivalent to the turn number, so 1 point in turn 1, 2 in turn 2 and so on). They had not even assaulted the walls but the loss of the manor, temple and bridge cost us the game.

High points for me was the sole surviving free company passing his fear test and trying to hold the manor single handedly against 20 Bloodletters, the Militia archer pin cushioning 2 charging black knights and my consistent total inability to hit with charging knights!

If I ran this again I would have put the walls nearer the enemy deployment as I had planned for this to be the focus of the game and instead it barely featured. But despite this everyone said they had fun and I'll learn for the next huge game I run, just need to get my Blood Angels successor company done and an Apocalypse will have to be played!

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