Thursday, 22 March 2012

Game night with Luke, 21st March

Luke popped round to mine before he started a late shift and I cleared some space for us to play a little Helldorado game. It was the first time I had played it since the English rules and I was really looking forward to it and was not disappointed.

Luke took the Westerners starter box and I took the Daemons.

I suffered early from the musketry for the humans, but once I got a frenzied Succubus into combat swung the battle back the other way. I didn't take any photos and so much is crammed into the 4 turns you play it is really hard to recall exactly what happened.

The rules are really easy to pick up and really do generate a frenetic game. The next game will see us customise our forces slightly, then we can start to look at teraforming.

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