Sunday, 18 March 2012

Club Night 9th March

Luke and I dusted off (in some case literally) the figures and buildings from our 2009 show game and decided to give the original version of Ambush alley another try. This time we played the Alamo scenario with the Israelis under Luke in the centre and me commanding the Arabs surrounding them.
I hurried my forces forward to close with Luke's forces and stop them being able to move. My opening volleys pinned them down, but as they returned fire I began to take casualties. And now my problems began, although my force did receive regular reinforcements, they all seemed to be single special weapons men. With the way Ambush Alley works this is quite problematic as single men do not work at all, so all I was doing was adding to my existing teams at a slower rate than I was taking casualties without being able to attack from a different direction and stretch the Israelis.
I really enjoyed this game, but I am still not quite sure about the mechanism, we will just have to try the rules again!

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