Tuesday, 28 June 2011

London Toy Soldier Show June 2011

I headed up to the King and Country Toy soldier show. We played a fun quick little game set in the Sudan with the lovely new Britains figures, where I had the pleasure(!) of cutting down Mikes characters, I also got a chance to snap some picture of the beautiful (and pricey) figures on offer.
Above: The Sudanese palace, Below: The Mahdist forces
Above: The British Zariba, Below: Figarati beach landing
Above: DAK on the TM Terrain stand, Below: Jon Jenkins Sudanese
Above and Below: British and Americas AWI by King and Country
Above: King and Country Italian War memorial (a bit big for my 15mms!), Below: Britains AWI
Above and Below: King and Country M13/40 variants

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