Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Club Night 24th June

Steve and I played another couple of games of the Crusader campaign. Our first game was quite a one sided game, with the British defending in a breakthrough scenario, but as they were an armoured force they had very little on the table and the Axis forces took full advantage of this.
My armoured cars rushed across the table to sit on the objective leaving an impressive trail of dust.Meanwhile the mass of Italian armour descended on the scattered British infantry and began to drive them back from their positions.Until they found themselves surrounded and were cut down by the tanks and another Axis victory was recorded driving the British forces North into another pocket.Our second game was far closer as played another cauldron battle, following our now familiar process of grinding each other down and trying to avoid defeat until the enemy broke, which they duly did, resulting in another pocket of allied troops destroyed or captured.

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