Monday, 6 June 2011

Club Sunday 5th June

Steve K and I headed up the club on Sunday to play some more games in the Crusader campaign. The first game saw my Bersaglieri from Trieste against a force of British armour with RHA support in a cauldron battle. The initial British deployment looked very sparse, but I know the 25 pounders were hidden out there somewhere.
The supporting armour from the DAK swept forward into a battery of 2 pounder portees. However there heavier guns and the massed fire-power I bought to bare on the enemy artillery reduced their anti-tank ability and enabled the Panzers to drive across the British positions and claim victory.

Our second game saw a German force attack more British armour and artillery support in another cauldron battle. Again the British kept their heavy artillery hidden until the last minute
This time it was much tougher as the force were far closer matched, and there were some nervous moments as two platoons of Stuarts arrived on the flanks of the Panzers. Fortunately their shooting was inaccurate, but then so was my return fire. The next exchange of fire was much more even.
In the end the Germans gradually crept forward, pouring fire on the British positions and managed to claim a narrow victory, although in the campaign we drove the British back, we lost the Panzer regiment which was a major blow.

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