Monday, 25 October 2010

Clunb Night 22nd October

Duncan and I decided to try an Impetus with his DBX based Wallachians against his Dads Venetians, representing an army from the Venetian colonies which Bob had kindly lent me. Although Duncan outnumbered me with his light cavalry, the quality of my Knight should make the difference.

However it was not to be! We got in two games and despite changing my army to use even more Knights in a more concentrated command I lots both games heavily. The Wallachian light cavalry use it manoeuvrability to avoid contact, and when I did charge it all went wrong! In both games, on more than one occasion, fresh knights charged down on Wallachian pesants, who held, and often inflicted casualties on the Knights. All I could roll was 1's when I needed a 6 and vice versa.

However, all that said and done, it was still a fun pair of games, and may be the lead in to doing 15th century Italy from Extra Impetus 3. Another project to consider!

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