Thursday, 21 October 2010

SELWG 2010

On Sunday we headed up to Crystal palace for SEWLG. I haven't been for a few years, but it is one of my favourite shows. For a full photo tour check out Joe's tour at ilovewargaming.

We had a great game, and the Poles were finally triumphant in the last game of the 600th anniversary year, cutting down the Hochmeister himself to break the Teuton army, although they were fairly battered them selves by this point.

The show itself was really good too. We managed to arrive and set up early without any problems so I was able to catch up with the guys at Peter Pig and have a nice chat and get some dead figures to be pinned markers and some Brixia mortars for my Italians, to re-enforce the engineer platoon I also picked up. Although I forgot to get any minefield markers, whoops!

Trade seemed brisk, although not as busy as some shows recently, and more important for me was the quality of the games was brilliant and there were some fresh games that we had not seen before or covering a new concept. Upstairs Robin was showing off his new 15mm Sci-Fi rules, Gruntz, with his usual impeccably painted miniatures. The London gamers bought their WW2 games with the rocket firing plans along again, but next to it was a Hotchwald gap by the Shepway club. Absolutely stunning and massively inspirational. And just a few tables along was Southend with a lovely WW1 games, a bit green for my tastes, but wonderful none the less, with trenches and even a little narrow gauge rail line behind the allied lines.

And on top of this were Napolionics with Black Powder, a Two Fat Lardies ACW, a good looking Celtos fantasy (nice terrain if not my thing). But the one thing all games had in common was the high level of presentation, figures and scenery. It was truly a great day and brilliant to see so much enthusiasm for the hobby and just plain talent on display.


  1. No, none at all!

    But there will be at Salute! What are we planning?