Saturday, 31 July 2010

Crawley Club 26th July - Warhammer 8th Edition

Luke and I headed up the club after work to finally try out Warhammer 8th Edition. Luke took his old Dwarves and I used my Beastmen. It was a very bloody, but exciting game, which the Dwarves narrowly won.

The new rules have made the combats far more viscous and the new charge rules make movement that little less predictable, and the Dwarves are now a feasible close-combat army, much to Luke's joy.

The magic is far more random and can not be relied on as a battle winner. However it is also possible to cast the most powerful spells with the lowest of Wizards. My level 1 Shaman managed to summon a giant to the fight.

The change will take some getting used to, but it looks like GW have been really successful in adding a new lease of life to Warhammer and opening up new challenges for players. And I have to say not a moment too soon, the tournaments were beginning to stagnate and become samey with the same armies winning and the same tricks being used. Now we are all back to learning tactics for our armies afresh.

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