Sunday, 25 July 2010

Club Night 23rd July

Tonight I joined a game run a 25mm French-Indian wars game run by Ian using the Savage Worlds role-play rules. This gives quite a quick skirmish with enough detail to be interesting, but not so much it gets bogged down. I commanded one of the French detachments defending the stockade, along with the Indians and a small unit of Coer de Bois outside the stockade. Steve H had a similar unit of French and the militia on the other side of the stockade.

Against me I had Andy and Steve K with two units of the infamous Ranger, British Regulars and British Marines (not yet Royal, that happened in 1802). While the Ranger moved out around each flank the British attacked the Indians and the Marines the stockade.

I was able to put out enough fire to disrupt the Rangers over round to my right with the Coer de Bois, while I had to hope the terrain delayed a similar move to my left. Meanwhile the Indians opened up a desultory fire against the Regulars as they implacably advanced upon them. Eventually they drove the Indians out with their bayonets just as the Rangers fell on their flank and only 4 survivors made it back to the stockade.

In the centre the Marine attacked straight up the hill at the Stockade. Carefully directed fire caused enough casualties and disruption that when they hit the wall they were outnumbered and I could move men to assist those fighting and swing the fights in my favour. The Marines were eventually driven off to be replaced by another wave of their fellow, who adopted the same approach.

The weary French struggled more but it was the same result, just in time for some of the French to move to the other wall to join the Indians, and some forces from the opposite side of the Stockade who had pinned down more British regular and their Indian allies ready to face the flanking Rangers and the other British Regulars. See the results of the other assaults and that were now on their own they chose discretion and withdrew leaving a victorious French still in command of their position.

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