Saturday, 10 July 2010

Club Night 9th July

Tonight I umpired a game of Bayonet and Ideology (BAIT) for the SCW. BAIT is a Peter Pig set of rules and very similar to PBI and I was fortunate enough to be part for the play test team for them. The initial Moroccan recon was very successful, but their attempt to transfer this intelligence into an attack less so. They did finally manage to launch an attack, but found the terrain their opponent had chosen to defend was heavily built up.

None the less they launched their attack on the first built up areas forming the outskirts of the larger town and moved their machine guns up around the flank. Despite losses they persisted in their attacks, under artillery cover and finally pushed into these first areas.

Attempts to push on further met with more losses and was unsuccessful, but still resulted in a narrow victory for the Moroccans as they had seized their primary objective and inflicted equally grievous losses in their enemy.

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