Thursday, 3 June 2010

Partizan 2010 and Mikes

I took a week off work and headed up to Mike's for some well earned R&R. After a nightmare journey around the M25 I finally arrived. We spent Saturday preparing for Partizan on the Sunday. Mike had made some beautiful (yet simple) stone walls and entrenchments which between us we sprayed up and painted, along with some flexible road made from plant pot self watering material. We sorted out all the figures and finalised the scenario. Below is the confederate force all organised and ready to pack up.
With a very full car we arrived at Kelham hall and began to set up. Yet again we managed to pull off a very good looking table with only minimal planning by just calculating everything on paper. How we keep manage to make this work is beyond me, but the table top looked fabulous and with the 54mm figures on it looked even better. The battle for Pardees field or lower Culp's hill was ready to go.

Chris and Al took the Union forces while Mike and I had the Confederates. The Confederate plan was to sweep over Culp's hill while occupying the majority of the Union forces. Unfortunately while my flank complied, Mike could not pass a command roll and I found myself facing the bulk of the Union army alone. Taking heavy casualties I managed to seize the lower hill, but was halted here, and the counter attack from the reserve brigade and Pardee's Pennsylvanians driving the confederates back.

After a lunch break Mike seemed to have been revitalised and began to advance and tie up part of the Union forces, while the Alabamans of O'Neals brigade occupied the original Confederate starting positions in a revised battle plan that sought more to avoid defeat than claim victory. However an opportunity presented itself and some of the Alabamans attacked Culp's hill and seized the heights. A late counter attack from McDougalls 2nd Brigade resulted in the game finishing with two beaten brigades occupying the hill, 1 Union and 1 Confederate and neither side able to claim victory.

A quite Monday followed where Mike and I spent the day organising rules for the Boxer Rebellion using Black Powder, so hopefully we will soon be able to run one of these.

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  1. was a good weekend. shame no pictures of the game here Leigh?