Saturday, 12 June 2010

Club Night 11th June

Yet another FOW games, and I'm not getting bored yet! This time Mike and I used his DAK to take on Luke's 8th Army. Centred around a newly arrive Tiger, the Germans were lucky to get an elite crew (three sixes rolled for crew skills). However a breakthrough scenario seriously tested the smaller German force against the entrenched British. With the heavily armoured Motor platoons the British laid down a devastating fire, enhanced by their artillery and decimated the DAK infantry. No matter how good the Tiger crew was, on its own against increasing numbers of British armour and anti-tank guns, with its supporting armour failing to show up, the British took the victory.

A second scenario placed the British in the centre of the table in a cauldron battle. This time the quality of the Germans told, as they were able to bring all their forces to bear, and overrun the antitank guns and 25 pounders with their infantry while the armour attacked from the opposite direction. With their own armour destroyed and their antitank smashed there was nothing the British could do to resist the German attack.

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