Thursday, 27 May 2010

Club Night 26th May

Some time ago Luke and Duncan bought some 10mm Carthaginians and Romans and based them to be used for either Vis Bellica or ancient POW. Fortunately this means that they are highly suitable for using with Impetus so we played a small game. On one flank the opposing cavalry fought a bloody and decisive battle, while in the centre the Spanish veterans and their greek allies attacked the core of the Roman army, their elite legions. It was a tough, close fight, with both sides alternatively driving back their opponent, before being driven back in turn. Finally the Carthaginians managed to do just enough to break the Roman army. The Imperial cavalry and their Gallic allies had been defeated, and although the legions where still intact, alone they could not repulse their opponents and had to fall back and yield the field to the Carthaginians.

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