Monday, 28 June 2010

Club Night 25th June

Duncan and I played a 1/300th Cold War scenario using Modern Spearhead rules with Fire & Fury inspired command rules that used to be available on the Timecast website. Our scenario pitted some Canadians defending three river crossings to be re-enforced by whatever NATO could make available, against a Helo assault by the Russians to capture the bridges for the following up tank division.

It started well as the two bridges I chose to attack being defended by the poorest quality of Duncan's 3 companies, why the better quality company was defending the more isolated bridge, but I decided the supporting defences were worth the risk for my forces being able to support each other.

My Airborne troops landed and quickly engaged the defenders with the support of their helicopter gunships. Meanwhile a disorganised NATO response was beginning with a battalion of slow moving Chieftains arriving at the furthest road from the actual fighting! In contrast the Soviets were arriving in a nice organised formations, spread along all three of the possible roads.

While the troops on the third road, that had not been attacked by air landings ran into stiff opposition, with all the NATO reserves arriving on the same two roads at this end of the battle field and the Apache and Air strikes coming in there too, they made little headway. However at the opposite end the green company defending the bridge was defeated and the Soviets began to deploy themselves around the bridge in the town to defend it as the first elements of the follow up forces crossed the bridge.

In the centre the progress was slower but the assault force having linked up with the follow up armour, the were making good headway and pushing NATO back and eventually secured this crossing to.

Although casualties had been high, the WARPACT forces had taken two crossings, helped by organised reserves, while the NATO forces all arrived at the opposite end of the battlefield. If they had arrived at the end the main Soviet attack went in, it could have been very different.

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