Saturday, 15 May 2010

Club Night 14th May

For something a bit different Duncan and I used his Konigskreig Russians, and borrowed his Dad's British to play the roll of the Prussians to play a fictional Seven Years War scenario. WE kept it simple and deployed on opposite sides of the table with the objectives being the village in the centre of the table.

The Russian cavalry moved round both flanks of the much smaller Prussian army while the mass of infantry advanced in the centre. The Prussians immediately counted by moving their cavalry forward on the left and advancing one brigade directly at the Cossacks and opening fire at short range to drive them off and out of the battle. In the centre the elite grenadiers moved for wad into the fields by the village while the jagers occupied the outlying buildings.

The remaining Russian cavalry charged against the Prussian and rove them back in a series of melees that would move back and forth across the battlefield for the remained of the game. Meanwhile the Russian infantry deployed and began to advance on the Prussians. As the opening engagements began the difference between the quality of the opposing forces began to show as the Prussians, centred on their grenadiers, shrugged off the attacks, while the conscripts of the Russian observation corps fled under the unwavering platoon fire from their opponents.

The Russians finally launched their attack against the enemies centre and where repulsed, the Prussians then counterattacked and drove through the enemy centre as their 2nd brigade came around the Russians open left.

This was a very fun game, although we didn't have a single blunder all game! The difference in quantity looked daunting at first, but as the game progressed the difference in quality began to show.

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