Monday, 10 May 2010

Club Night 7th May

Luke, Duncan and I gathered at the normal Friday club meet to play a large Flames of War. with 2,500 points a side, 2 Italian companies faced 3 British, featuring hordes of Crusaders and Stuarts. The British poured forward using their sheer numbers and speed to swamp the Italian anti tank shield, although they took heavy losses, there were still more coming.
The British fell upon the Italian right, leaving the left isolated and unable to contribute to the battle. With massed machine gun fire they drove back the Italian infantry defending the right and opened up a gap to try and poor through and sweep onto the objective.
Despite support from German air-power and the commitment of the armoured reserves the Italians could not stop the British numbers.
By the time their flank march arrived the Italians had nothing eft to stop them with and where only able to grab victory by breaking the British, after they had generously let the Italian take company morale checks earlier, even though the C-in-C was still in reserve and so not on the table. A victory but certainly not decisive and the Italians will have a healthy respect for the British armour in the future.

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