Monday, 30 November 2009

Black Powder Open Day

Instead of heading up the club on the 27th I drove up to Mike's to spend the weekend, and head with him over to Maelstrom games for the Warlord games black powder open day hosted by the authors, Rick Priestly and Jervis Johnson, and the infamous Perry twins lending their figures and running a huge (and very impressive) Napoleonic

Mike and I joined some other visitors and John Stallard and Paul Sawayer on another table, playing the N'tombi scenario from the rulebook. In the first game I played on the British side, with Mike on the Zulu side.

As the Zulus advanced (above) we deployed on the ridge line and opened fire. My Naval machine gun opened up and caused a huge number of hits destroying the Zulus (below). WE then launched our lancers and rampaged through the Zulus beating them thoroughly.

After a short break we resumed, swapping sides and joined by talented artist Peter Dennis. As Zulu C-in-C I sent my forces rushing forward. Mike then co-operated by jamming the Gatling and getting the Naval brigade destroyed. With some unfortunate dice rolling from Peter, losing the lancers, we then had free rein to destroy the rest of the British auxiliaries, leaving just the British line holding off the Zulus. Another victory for me! To read more about this, and for some alternative critiques of Mikes dice rolling, see the warlords review here.

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