Monday, 9 November 2009


After Arsuf was over, I drove down to Pompey for WOFF 15. I took 1999 points of Kislev, and it did not go well. I lost every game! I could not pass a Leadership test, make a save or get any luck. My closest games where against Luke's Orcs and Goblins and Dave P Dark Elves, which surprised me a little, as I usually struggle against Dave as he is a vary astute player.

My worse game by far was against Darren's High Elves. Always a tough opponent, I knew exactly what I wanted to do, but Darren got the first turn, destroyed two units of horse archers with his bolt shooters, causing panic amongst my other archers, and removing half my army from the table before it had even moved. Defeat shortly followed! To add insult to injury, the game was over so quickly, Darren and I swapped sides, and with my Kislev army, got the first turn and proved that my plan was sound, but thoroughly thrashing the High Elves under my command.

Among the better looking items I saw was the painted version of the battle standard I had converted Rik when I stayed down for a couple of days after Luke's Birthday. This is Wolfric's body, with arms and heads from the warriors and the knights box sets. Simple but effective.

The other good looking army was Ryan's Roman Empire army. Built from Warlord games plastics it looked beautiful and the tortoise counting as a steam tank was very clever. He also did quite well with them!

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