Saturday, 5 December 2009

Club Night 4th December 2009

After the black powder day, I decided to run a game at the club. Only Steve K was available, so we got his ACW and played the Hangmans creek scenario from the rulebook.

After an initial success against the Confederate centre, I suddenly found my right flank engaged. The on-table unit was defeated and the reserves arrived in column facing a deployed and ready Rebel force that destroyed it in detail.

In the centre I had been driven back out of the town, but managed to get my forces out of the camp and deployed along the road. After some slight success in stemming the southern advance, the turned the Union right flank and started rolling up then line, a decisive Confederate victory, but a highly enjoyable game that played really well.

This is also the last post until after Xmas as I have my 30th birthday party, and Christmas meals. A busy time of year!

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