Thursday, 12 November 2009

Club Night 6th November 2009

Ok, I have been very poor at this. I am going to catch up and try and get back to updating this regularly. So we start by going back to 6th Novemeber when we dusted off the club terrain from a few years ago and got out our DBM armies, paired up bases and replayed the battle of Arsuf with the Impetus rules.

Above is the Crusader forces aligned along the coast line. I commanded the Knightly orders in the vanguard and the rear guard while Steve H took the role of Richard and commanded the centre and the wagons.

Above we can see Ian relaxing behind the Saracen lines on the hills above the Crusaders. They then begun to descend off the hills, as the Crusaders tried to turn their lines to meet them, while keeping their impetuous knights under control.
The Saracens descended on the centre and in one place broke through and destroyed one of the wagons, but the rest were saved.

At the rear I let my knightly orders go and they rampaged through the Saracens, breaking unit after unit under their hooves as they crashed through their lightly armed adversaries. However they then got undone, the lightly armed horse archers surrounded them and shot them (or more likely, their horses) down, destroying the isolated knights. A similar situation occurred at the vanguard. With the destruction of the rear guard and the vanguard, and another break through in the centre, the crusader army was broken and the Saracens victorious.

Considering only 2 of the 5 players had experience of the rules, the game ran very smoothly with the size of forces we used. It ran quickly and smoothly and I am now confident that the rules will produce an playable game for the show game.

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