Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Skirmish Wargames Weekend Pt. 2

Saturday saw us transfer to the Florence Nightingale hall, a short drive from Mikes, and set up the table for the weekend. With a bit of creativity Tom and I managed to get the floor laminate converted into a nice irregular river front, with a wide open desert adjacent to it as we travelled to the Sudan. Mike has been lucky enough (and we hate him for it!) to get one of the magnificent William Britain's Sudan river gunboats. This formed one part of the Allied forces, with a cannon and machine gun, while at the far end of the table two 3 man units of the Royal Sussex under Captain Winsbury and Sgt. Tom Chard were collecting fuel in a small wood. And then the Mahdists arrived

Arriving randomly along the board edge opposite the river the majority of the forces seemed to arrive at the opposite and of the table from the wood patrol and found themselves under fire from the machine gun and can in mounted on the steamer.

My force was quickly annihilated, but others managed to do better.
Ted managed to make it to the foot off the steamers gangplank before he was cut down. At the opposite end if the table two groups of Mahdi had arrived nearer the patrol and were cautiously advancing having seen the devastation wrought on their compatriots by the Europeans weaponry. They finally managed to engage the British infantry in melee, inflicting a number of casualties, including Sergeant Chard. Despite this the carnage from the machine gun had won a clear victory for the Anglo-Egyptians.

The second game for the day was supposed to continue in from the morning, but hadn't quite worked out correct, but we persevered none the less. The British were again deployed in the woods, but this time they had been cut off and had a camel corps force coming to their rescue.

While a number of Mahdi engaged the enemy directly, I was in ambush in the mosque and burst out as the camels rode past to attack them.
I was brushed aside by the Camel Corps although our forces against the British fared better in viscous melee, cutting down Sgt. Chard again!

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