Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Club Sunday 3rd July

On Sunday we played the first turns of the final campaign turn. First Steve H attacked Simon and was narrowly repelled, while Steve H launched a vital attack on Bardia, which he had to take if he wanted to have any hope of avoiding a an Allied defeat and reliving Tobruk, so I entrusted the defence to Rick who valiantly held, despite the impenetrable might of the Infantry tanks in the attack. The final games was Steve K again trying to break out of Tobruk against Scott. Again my subordinates excelled themselves and defeated the British attack.
Above: The outskirts of Bardia, Below: British defences prepare to meet the DAK
Above: The British attack, Below: and are destroyed by massed MG fire
Above: Again Italian light tanks sweep around the British flank, Below: DAK Panzers drive into British defences
Above: The British attempt to breakout of Tobruk, Below: Ricks new (and beautiful) artillery OP team!

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