Monday, 25 July 2011

Club Night 22nd July

Steve K and I got out my Teutons and Polish-Lithuanian alliance for another game, this time with Impetus. Steve took a small, but deadly force of Teutons, while I took a larger, but individually weaker force for the alliance.

Set up was fairly simple as there was little room for subtlety between two forces primarily made up of knights with a smattering of light cavalry. I had the Lithuanians on my right, with the main Polish command in the centre and another on the left. The Teutons only had two commands. A large knight command containing the Brother knights and Brother Sergeant, deployed opposite the Poles and a command primarily consisting of Livonian and Prussian light horse against the Lithuanians.

All the command thundered forward, and impacted after a small exchange of bow and javelin from the lighter cavalry. The slightly heavier Teuton left began to drive back my Lithuanians and looked as if they were going to turn my flank, with one unit of cavalry breaking through and looting my camp.

In the centre and left it was fairly balanced as both sides pushed and shoved but failed to achieve a breakthrough or decisive combat, until I finally managed to bring a second unit against the enemy commander and his brother knight and cut him down, breaking his command and the enemy army. Unfortunately with the casualties I had taken and the sacking of my baggage my army was also demoralised and both armies quit the field with neither able to claim victory.

Above: The Polish centre attacks, Below: the Lithuanian flank is driven back

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