Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Club Meet 9th July

I had arranged a game on Friday with Chris D, but he had to work, so we rescheduled for Saturday. He took an my Teutons and I took a Polish-Lithuanian alliance using Vis Bellica and the first outing for my figures from last years show game since they have been on used on the game.

It was an exciting game, with most of it decided by a huge fight between the bulk of the Polish knights and the Teutonic brothers, as both sides drove parts of the other back and ground each other down. Once the flanks had been turned by the Polish alliance the Teuton centre begun to become enveloped and gradually the elite Teutons were destroyed and the Poles took victory.

Above: The opposing battle lines, Below: Teuton brothers
Above: Battle lines close, Below: The battle in the centre Above: The confused melee on the left as the Poles destroy the enemy infantry

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