Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Terrain Painting

Over the Bank Holiday weekend I though I would finally get round to painting my GW Realm of Battle and all the matching terrain, primarily intended for my Helldorado games. I took advantage of the nice weather to spray it with some brown acrylic paint. I then drybrushed it all with Daler-Rowney System 3 Yellow Ochre which is a good match for GW bubonic brown which I use on my desert bases,
I then used Dark Flesh to shade the rocks and other areas
I then overbrushed all the rocks with a Codex Grey-Graveyard Earth mix to give a warm grey base.
This was then highlighted with Fortress Grey
A final light highlight was applied with Daler-Rowner System 3 Buff Titanium which is a close match for Bleached Bone
A red wash was applied to the skull areas and over the edge of the rocks surrounding them
The whole boards were then drybrushed with the Buff Titanium
Then a final highlight of the Buff Titanium and white
The skulls had blazing orange added between the skulls as the start of a glow to appear below them.
The arcane ruins were then drybrushed with Graveyard Earth
And then with Bubonic Brown
So I have made some good progress but need to make sure I give it some time to finish.

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