Sunday, 8 May 2011

Club Night 6th March

Duncan and I had a practice game for the upcoming club league. Duncan wanted some more practice of 8th edition and we both wanted to try out our armies, although the lists have been submitted already so we can't change them now.

We rolled up the battle of the pass so deployed our forces in a nice tight formation and I rushed forward. It was in this enthusiasm I made my first mistake, casting bestial surge I rushed forward, but opened up some gaps that enabled Duncan to move his fiends through and position them ready to attack the rear of my units.

I continued to charge forward, but my Minotaurs fell short, although my Gor and Ungor herds got in against the Daemonettes in what would be a prolonged combat as I desperately, and just about, held on turn after turn. The Minotaurs where charged by the Fleshhounds and the Horrors, who turned out to have the changeling leading them who is a horrible unit champion against unit like this. They promptly lost and fled only to rally in time to get wiped out by a second hound charge. My Giant had seen off one fiend and was now in combat with the hounds and had started jumping up and down on them

In the centre my shaman was desperately trying to avoid the other fiend, while on my left I had chased off the furies with one chariot and then attacked the other horror unit with all three and the Beastlord. They then turned and one engaged the fiend and the other two attacked and destroyed the bloodletters.

The giant had felled a number of the flesh hounds but this lack of armour bought him down. As my Beastlord in his chariot charged and despatched the enemy Battle Standard bearer on his disc he overran into the Daemonettes. And here he met his end, using the shadow spell mindrazor, Duncan made their strength equal to their leadership so they were striking at S8 and I was quickly chopped into bits ending the game.

It was a good game and Duncan's army is really tough. I made some mistakes, such as putting my general off to one side and not using my infantry blocks to support my chariots properly. I will need to learn from these error before the league roper starts.

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