Sunday, 15 May 2011

Club Night 13th May

Robin came up the club and bought his Salute Terrain for us to try out a full game of Gruntz. Me and Ben took some New Israelis and Luke took the Kra'vak. Benm and I split our forces, Ben took the majority of the infantry, the APC and the large walker to move through the built up area on one side of river. I took the heavy armour, flyer with power armoured infantry and the jet-bikes on the more open side.

Luke started with most of his force on my side of the river and had to take a power generator on the opposite side and the town, so he would be moving away from me and the objectives where near to him.

I closed as quickly as possible and started engaging the aliens, destroying the skimmer droid quickly and closing my bikes to the infantry sheltering behind the walls, while the alien heavy tanks used their anti-grav mobility to rush over the other side.

I moved my flyer into the middle of the bridge and de-bused and laid down heavy fire in all directions and inflicted heavy damage and destroyed one of the tanks that had moved to engage my armour, but in return they came under heavy fire and were almost wiped out.

Ben was making good progress on the other side, especially under the devastating cover fire of the walker, while my dice rolling was poor, and Luke's was very good, so I lost my armour and my jet-bikes, but on the other side Ben had driven them back and the aliens had no choice but to withdraw from their invasion.

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