Tuesday, 28 December 2010


After much experimentation I have finally made some dustclouds I am happy with. My first trials with cotton wool failed as it became too clumpy and heavy and looked wrong, so I bought some synthetic Kapok toy stuffing for a few quid and decided to try this. Again my first trials of dip and squeeze as suggested on the flames of war website (Making Dustclouds) didn't work as it stuck together, but as I tried to clean myself up I hit upon the solution. Get the paint/water mix all over my hands and then tease the Kapok into shape with my fingers gently, colouring it as I did so. This resulted in a nice random colouration and keep the fluffy appearance that I was after. I then used copydex to glue them to the bases I mad a long time ago now and will dry-brush the bottom to darken them slightly and hopefully they should look fine.

Let me know what you think.

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