Thursday, 23 December 2010

Club Night 17th December

Despite a return of the snow I braved the weather for a couple of games of Warhammer with Duncan. Now Duncan has sold all his Warhammer armies, but having watched a few of the games Luke and I played wanted to give it a go again, which is good as Warhammer with Duncan is always fun.

He borrowed my Daemons and some of my Beastmen a proxy units to try out a fully fledged Daemon army. I took two armies with me, a knightly order based army led by Kurt Helborg and an infantry army similar to the one I had used against Mike a while back.

In the first game I used the knights and after some initial manoeuvring for position I launched my attack. Unfortunately some of my charges fell short and I found my self embroiled in combats with my flanks exposed. On the right my Pistolliers had fallen to the seekers and my small units of knights was struggling to hold off the two fiends. On my left I had fallen short of the horrors and the Bloodletters, but manage to get the unit with Kurt into the Dameonettes, but failed to wipe them out. The Bloodletters then followed Skulltaker into the flank, only to be charged in the flank themselves by another unit of knights led by Ludwig Schwarzhelm. This titanic battle continued until Kurt fell and then the rest of the Reiksguard shortly followed leaving the Daemon victorious.

The second game saw me take my infantry army in a battle of the pass. I actually found this slightly problematic as my army could not deploy successfully in the narrow defile. and it didn't get better from then on. My cannon was ineffective, the knights choose to flee from a charge by a fiend and rolled a double 1, getting eaten for their troubles and leaving my right flank dangerously exposed, although the archers on the other flank did a better job against the chaos furies. Although the flagelants held up the Dameonettes, the seekers poured round the flank and threatened to fall upon the rear of my line. On the other flank the Greatswords managed to hold the fiend and cut down the Masque.

In the centre, once again a titanic battle occurred. I had misjudged my angles and a fiend had pounced on the flank of my free company cutting them down and falling into the flank of my halberdiers. Frontally charged by the Bloodletters, I retaliated with a supporting charge from my swordsman. As Daemon and man hacked and slashed the casualties mounted and no-one know who had the upper hand until the final tally, when it was found the Empire had lost by a considerable margin, and failing their leadership fled and were cut down. All that was left was for the seekers to destroy the handgunners, and all that was left was the valiant Greatswords, surrounded ion all sides by the varied forces of chaos and with no hope but for a brave but futile last stand, we ended the game.

Above: The Empire army defends the pass ,
Below: The seekers approach the rear of the Empire army

Below: The final titanic battle (with Beastmen pretending to be Bloodletters!)

Two great fun games that reminded why I enjoy games against Duncan, Often defeats but I always learn form them and he is a very astute opponent that keeps you on your toes and always provides a challenge.

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