Sunday, 12 December 2010

15mm Barbed Wire

When I ran the 54mm ACW at Partizan Mike built some lovely defences using 12" rules are a ready made base. I though this was a brilliant idea and would work for 15mm with 6" rules. Unfortunately these tend to be pricey (more than half the price of a double sized ruler) so had put this idea on the back burner until doing some Xmas shopping I went into a discount store and found them for just 10p each so immediately grabbed all 12 they had!

Having filled the holes in one end with a bit of filler I then drilled various patterns of holes in them and glued cocktails sticks in to them for the posts. I will then need to texture and paint the bases before adding the barbed wire itself. I have gone for a number of different styles, some straight and zig-zagged concertina wire, a lower level tangle pattern and some mounted on 3-sided pyramid frames. This give some 10 sections (just over 5 foot), so I used the last couple to make some breached versions, I will add detail when I texture the base, but will have one by cratering and one by tank tracks.

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