Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Firestorm Bagration

On Sunday I joined Luke at his to try out Firestorm Bagration using the Generals wargames rules. We diced for sides and Luke took the Russians and we decided to play the longer 6 turn game.

The initial Russian advances where vicious and the German line broken at several points and two cities isolated. The following turn the pace slowed, before the Germans began to launch a counter attack by winning the initiative on most rolls. With two Heavy Panzer Battalions leading the attack they broke through and restored supply to one city before cutting off the Russian spearhead and destroying it near the Pripet marshes. In the North they were forced to throw Polezei division into the line to prevent another Russian exploitation.

The Russians then renewed their attacks and began to push the Germans back. They valiantly tried to reopen communication with their forward positions, and even managed to cut off and destroy another Russian spearhead, but the line was too weak and had buckled, Minsk was under threat and finally feel. When the last German attacks failed to recapture the forward cities, victory for the Russians was assured.

This was a fantastic little game. Remarkably simple but requiring a lot of thought and forward planning and really felt quite accurate in the way it played out. I hope we are able to convert it for our preferred Desert format without loss of any of the key features that made it so enjoyable.

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