Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Cavalier @ Tunbridge Wells

On Sunday the club headed to the Angel Centre at Tunbridge Wells for the annual Cavalier show and the last outing of the Peace for Galilee game. Back in the hall with the bring and by, we were pleased to find less games so more space and managed to run 3 popular games. My favourite was where we pitched James and Ben on one side against brother Charlie and their dad on the other side. Ben set up his LMG on the bonnet of the police car below and after his Dad had killed James proceeded to win the game, wiping out his brother and dad in the process.
A close second was the three lads who played Israelis, where one of them stood next to the wall, failed to jump off it twice while being shot, then misfired his RPG, wounding himself before he was finally shot, with a first ever score of -2 for the self inflicted wounds.

While I am sad to see the end of this game I am really looking forward to Tannanburg. And we went out on a success winning the best participation game in show. The club kindly donated the prize money to myself and Luke for the work we had put into the game, so I got some desert terrain and some British Bofors to add Daimler Dingos and Italians I had picked up earlier.

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