Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Club Night 26th and 27th March

On the Friday I finished off the last few bases, except for their basing and cleaned up the joins of the boards in preparation for a game with Duncan on the Saturday. And then on Saturday we finally play tested the game. We used the full Impetus rules and I was surprised how quickly and easily the game flowed, despite Duncan never having played the rules before.

The Teutons advanced against the Lithuanians and began to push them back and then break them, but in doing so the Germanic Knight began to charge off of their own accord and get scattered. The Poles then committed their centre command to battle and things began to sit on the balance before the Teutons broke the Lithuanians and the Brother Knights began to make their presence felt, and broke the Poles for a Teutonic victory.

I was really please with the way the game played out how smoothly it went. Hopefully it will be playable at shows and still have a good visual impact and look a little unusual. And for the Poles, they need to exploit the impetuous nature of the Teutons more to pull them to positions where they can be surrounded and their superior fighting prowess can be negated.

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