Sunday, 31 January 2010

Club Night 29th January

After a week off gaming because work was so busy, Luke and I set up another FOW North Africa game, this time joined by Steve D (as you may notice we have lots of Steves at our club!). Again Luke took the British , with Steve assisting him, and I took the Italians. Our terrain was generated using the rulebook and did look quite barren, 2 empty zones, some salt marshes, scrub and rocks was all that broke the table. The British attempted a breakthrough with the Italians again defending. I set up my 88s out on one flank where they could enfilade any advance and still turn to cover the objectives. The Bersaglieri dug in around them, while the Semoventes concealed themselves in the scrub on my other flank.

A concentrated British force opposed me, motor infantry and Crusaders against my SP guns and Shermans and Grants against the rest of my force. With the first turn going to the attacker the British were determined not to suffer under my heavy guns as they had last time and all the 75mm armed tanks commenced semi-indirect fire against them, destroying both guns. Ont he other flank the infantry immediately disembarked form their trucks and dispersed into the scrub, while the 6-pounder armed Crusaders made short work of my Semoventes.

My surviving Semoventes fought back vainly against the Crusaders, while my 47mm AT guns managed to destroy some of the Grants and the remainder withdrew from the battle. However the Shermans were a much tougher proposition and began to advance on the Bersaglieri who had little that could effectively oppose them. On the other flank the Semoventes where destroyed, just as the first Carri platoon arrived and began to machine gun the British infantry with some highly effective fire.

The Bersaglieri where struggling after their guns where knocked out and the C-in-C's tank destroyed. A much tougher battle was occurring on the other flank as more Italian tanks arrived, with more British Crusaders arriving behind their flank. Both side maneuvered, and then stopped to fire, trying to concentrate heir fire on individual enemy platoons to break them.

AS turn 6 arrived the British had not taken an objective, and had lost two platoons with three more very close to going. If the Italians could destroy them they could still win the game However it was not to be, both sides inflicted more damage on the other, but not enough to force a company morale, and then the British armoured cars arrived and crept onto the objectives, and there was nothing the Italians could do to oppose them. A British victory, but a very hard earned one.

I enjoyed this game so much I forgot to take any pictures. The terrain again played a major part, despite its apparent bareness it was actually quite influential, and again the game arrived at turn 5, and into turn 6 when victory could be judged, balanced on a knife edge. I think I have t concede this one to the Commonwealth, but will be ready for them next time!

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