Monday, 11 January 2010

Beastmen and Blood Angels

This could be an expensive year for me. Games workshop newsletters came in over the weekend. The beastmen are up for pre-order, available on February 6th. I'll be getting the army book, but not sure about the rest as I already have plenty, although the razorgor looks good. I'm disappointed that they have put the Ungors back on 20mm square bases as I will know need to re-base them all for the second time which is very frustrating, I'm also not keen on them having bows, but it will be nice to have a complete army again which we have not had since Hordes of Chaos was discontinued.

And the next day I got a news letter confirming the rumour that the Blood Angels are coming in April. Now do I get my army all ready to go for the new Codex, or wait until there are lots of gorgeous new figures and upgrade packs...

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