Sunday, 3 January 2010

Club Day 3rd January

After the Apocalypse game I needed to purge my Eldar by defeating the dark Eldar, so that is exactly what I did!

First game was an annihilation using the spearhead deployment. I took the first deployment, and tactically chose the table edge by the heater! I was very lucky with my opening salvoes as I immobilised both the Raiders despite the obscured shots. This meant that the forces than had to slog across the table toward my firing line. Combined with my jet bikes I was able to concentrate my fire and destroy the Dark Eldar in detail. The only unit destroyed was the Dire Avengers caught by the horrific Talos before the Avatar destroyed it. A decisive victory at 10 kills to 1.

The second game was a capture and control with a pitched battle deployment. This time the Dark Eldar deployed and went first and were able to use their Raiders effectively to get their Archon and his Incubus bodyguard and the Wyches into my lines. The Dire Avangers and large Guardian squad holding my objective where destroyed, but the second Guardian squad managed to bring the Incubus under fire, and Colin's bad luck held as he failed another leadership test and the Archon and the survivor fell back. The Wyches where chased off by the Avater and I managed to retake my objective.

On the other flank I bought all my jet bikes to bear on the Dark Eldar lines and destroyed the opposing jet bikes, Helions and with the assistance of the Striking Scorpions the Warrior squad holding the objective to achieve another victory, but much closer than the first game.

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