Monday, 31 August 2009

Club Night 22nd August

I set up another Warhammer, this time against Simon and his Empire. I thought I would stick with what I know and take my Beastmen. A Wargor, Battle Standard Bearer, a Shaman, 3 Herds, some hounds, 2 units of Bestigors and 3 Chariots should give me enough to take on whatever simon laid down.
As it turned out Simon had some Knights, swordsman, spearman, crossbows, handgunners, flagellants, a volley gun and the essential cannon, all lead by a captain, with a warrior priest and a wizard on attendance. I won the roll for first turn and made the Empire go first as I was out of range of most of their shooting. The crossbowmen felled a couple of Ungors, while the cannon misfired and would be unable to shoot next turn.
I advanced across the table to meet him. Another turn of fire was weathered, and then I started making mistakes! While the chariots all crashed into the flagellants, I forgot to charge the swordsman with the herd on my left, and forgot about the dark heart so did not declare a charge with my Slaanigors against the knights. I tried to use the Wild Hunt from the Staff of Darkoth, but it met a dispel scroll. Although I had cut through a number of the teh craxed fanatics, my core unit if bestigors with my general was in front of the knights, and too close to even consider fleeing from the charge. The small ray of light was my Slaanesh spell I usually cast on y own troops to frenzy them, but instead I frenzied the handgunners so instead of firing they charged my other bestigors and got themselves killed!

On my left the Empire Captain on his Warhorse and the swordsman crashed into the herd containing my battle standard bearer, beat it and ran it down. The only advantage was the Empire general was now along way from where the rest of the fighting was going on. In the centre the knights charged and broke my bestigors, but luck was now on my side and they out ran their pursuers.

I rallied my Bestigors ready to face another charge from the knight and my ambushers arrived. The ambushers found the Empire artillery turned around and blew them away, but in the centre this time my Bestigors held and then turned the combat back against the knight and broke them and they fled, not to rally in the game. This was really the turning point, in the centre I had overrun into the volley gun crew, the Chariots had detroyed everything on my right flank, and my centre was turning to the Empire right.

The next couple of turns saw me break the remaining Empire units, the cannon destroy the volley gun by firing over its target unit and bouncing into the war machine, whose unlucky crew where being beaten by my herd. By the end of the game I had managed to pull back what looked like potentially a defeat to a victory as my forces closed in on the sole remaining Empire troops, the gun crew.

Away from the club I have finally finished building the BF110 for Colours, now I just need to get this mammoth model painted!

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